Since the work, some markets had changed their pricing, following client demands, he said. Work by hand will continue in the job site in Q2 but sometimes it will be too much and it will be brought down, Mr Ui said. (Photo: Jeremy Long) Advertisement Advertisement "We do face some difficulty during construction time, we're using our own manpower. Our project is about S$16 million and I think we may have 1,000 workers for the whole project," Mr Ui said. "So if there is the demand, of course we need to take care of our manpower, we don't want to overload the workforce." BUILDING A 'RESETTERING' MOMENT More than a hundred people from the fishing community, including hawkers, merchants and businessmen, joined hands with UiB to undertake the groundwork for the school. Mr Charles Thio, the chairman of Seet Kok Hin Kai, said he was glad to see that the school will not only be accessible to local fishermen but for students from all walks of life. "Even if you don't want to become a Devil